University of North Dakota

Effects of Phytosterol Consumption on Heart Disease Risk in Adults: A Literature Review

By: Jonathan Dralle

Risk Factors and Interventions in Parkinson’s Disease

By: Katie Huettl

The Physiological Effects of Dehydration Amongst Firefighters with Regards to Personal Protective Equipment

By: Candice Brierley

Concordia College

Spiritual Hunger: The Relationship Between Spiritual Well-Being, Life Satisfaction, and
Eating Behaviors

By: Anna K. Seefeldt & Meredith G. Wagner


Nutrition Competency in Nurses and Nutrition Education: Knowledge and Confidence in

By: Kaylee Juntunen & Meredith G. Wagner


Professional Athletes and Weight Management: A Needs Assessment

By: Addie Luehrs, Remi Famodu, Meredith G. Wagner


Actual and Perceived Barriers to Public Health Utilization

By: Shengying Vue, Michelle Draxten, Cheryl Stetz, Meredith G. Wagner


Meeting the Needs of College Students: Knowledge and Nourishment

By: Samantha Gerdes & Meredith G. Wagner


#B2Wmom: A Text Messaging Support Intervention for Breastfeeding Mothers

By: Jillian Knapek & Meredith G. Wagner


Food-related Policies and Practices: A Look Inside Childcare Facilities

By: Josephine Kugler, Cheryl Stetz, Meredith G. Wagner


University of Manitoba

Dietary Inflammatory Index Scores in a Canadian Nationally Representative Sample: Exploring the Trends

By: Kristen Fleet, PhD Candidate